As most liberal progressive know, Obwon (that is I) usually favors a more conservative constitutional path towards solving most of America’s problems. For example, I believe in Freedom of Speech, provided that it does not slander or expose (ie. wikileaks) government secrets which endanger our well being. It’s not always quite that simple. Yes, I do believe in the right to bear arms, but at what point do you draw the line? Do arms mean any form of weaponry, tanks, missiles or even nuclear bombs? Those that say that they are firmly against gun control have got to realize that a certain amount of gun control is already in place and has been for a while now. For example, you need a class 3 Federal firearms license to own a full auto machine gun and other weaponry such as a Laws Rocket or RPG is strictly forbidden for the general public. Every freedom we enjoy has common sense restrictions from driving a car to contructing a building, we just take those restrictions for granted and don’t think twice about them. What really angers me is that too many conservatives seem to think that corporations have the god given right to lie, steal, hoard, overcharge and cheat, all under the flag of “free enterprise” and capitalism. Conservatives may have won the Congressional election in 2010, but they will lose all the ground they have gained and even more over the next few years and I for one am NOT HAPPY about this prediction. The reason the Republican conservatives will lose is because they continue to wear blinders and dark glasses when dealing with the big banks, the Fed, credit card companies and Wall Street. President Obama and the Democrats, though destroying our economy with out of control spendiing and have been dead wrong on the majority of issues, have embarrassed the corporate asskissing conservatives with their correct stance on Big bank lending abuse, credit card company abuse and Wall Street crooks raping the American economy. Until the conservatives realize that the banks and wall street need reform and that the Gramm Leach Blilaly Act of 1999 has to be repealed and a new version of Glass-Steagal put in place, they will continue to look like the party of the big banks and not the party of the people. Unfortunately, we will have to swallow the continuous poor decisions and bad government policies of the Obama Democrats for many years to come.

By Rick

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