Obama favors open immigration. Allow illegals to flow across the border and then grant them mass citizenship and welfare. This insures his voter base. Obama uses fear and race baiting as a means to keep Arizona from policing its borders.


Obama favors building an Moslem Mosque on the ground once occupied by the Moslem sabotaged Twin Towers in Manhattan, NYC. He claims “Freedom of Religion” as his argument and their right under capitalism to build where they please. The Liberal NYC government has denied deeming the land a national monument honoring the 3500 plus murdered victims. This is a statement in BAD TASTE, A SACRILEGE and nothing about freedom of religion. The Moslems picked this location to DISHONER AND SPIT IN THE FACE OF THE USA. Obama’s recent defense of this mosque is a fine example of how really stupid and disconnected he is to the American people. It is the right of all of us to defecate, but not in the middle of a crowded restaurant (building this Mosque is the same thing only worse). The IMMAN(head of this mosque) has publicly slandered the USA and claims the USA caused the attack and wants Sharia law for the United States. No religion dedicated to the forceful takeover or eradication of other peaceful religions should be protected by the freedom of religion laws. The Clinton Administration certainly did not cite freedom of religion when they killed 80 plus people in the middle of nowhere in Texas. Why does our President protect the same monsters who murdered innocent Americans in 2001? Because OBAMA is a moslem and is serving ALLAH and the infidel (USA) haters of the world.


We all knew this was coming. To pay for the health care bill, Pelosi’s Democratic super socialists buried some real economy, capitalism killing hooks. Ask your CPA or Accountant, or just Google 1099 changes coming in 2012. Simply put, the IRS will now require that ALL private or corporate sales of items priced at $600 or more will require a 1099 trail of paperwork. If not then the audits and penalties will smother tens of thousands of small business people just trying to survive.

OBAMA WAS THE WRONG CHOICE ….ADMIT IT ….and let’s work together to get this jerk and his socialist democrat congress out of office. Vote middle of the road or conservative. The socialists are the enemy and Obama is their leader.

By Rick

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