Got an email from a good friend who is struggling to survive in NYC. Things are pretty desperate in the big apple. This is what I told her:

Economy getting better? Not until unemployment dramatically improves and foreclosures minimize. Even so the bottom line of the economy is PRODUCTIVITY (Gross National Product). We dropped the ball on education and innovation. Basically the BOTTOM LINE ahd ROOT CAUSE of all the bullshit we in the US are going through is quite simple: In 1964 Dems and Kennedy passed the Civil Rights Bill and converted womanizing Martin Luther King into a black version of Moses and Jesus Christ. Since the civil rights bill was passed the education quality and standards nosedived. Do you really think that inner city hip hop ebonic speaking blacks who cannot read, write or speak english are going to go head to head anytime soon with PHD serious hardworking Indians (India) and dedicated Chinese youth? What has the hip hop generation ever accomplished except copy parts of real songs in their staccato raps, spawn violence, sloppy dress, wanton sex, drugs and spread a freeloader mentality. When I was a kid, the white redneck Baptist Democrat politicians used to lie to the blacks to get their bloc vote and they successfully did it time and time again to gain power in all levels of politics. Like Don King learned when he threw most of the white promoters out of boxing, Obama has learned how to uses not only the black population but the entire non white population to secure his power and prolong his regime. If you wonder why a lot of fellow Jews are in league with Obama and the blacks its because historically too many Jewish businessmen have preyed on the inner city blacks with pawn shops, liquor store chains, usurous loan sharking and check cashing stores. The blacks are their bread and butter and still are. The Jewish controlled banks and media are also in league with Obama for this Black/Jewish financial relationship has been entwined for many years throughout American history. These reasons are basically why we are in the pickle we are in today. It’s tough to admit what I just said and not be call a racist, bigot and anti-semite (which I am absolutely not any of these since I never judge individuals based on generalities), but these are historical facts which have happened in our society within the last 100 years and now we are reaping the negatives en masse. We in America became saddled with two different societies, one educated and cultured for the most part (middle class whites, blacks, and all others) compared with one uneducated and basically uncultured (mostly inner city blacks, uneducated whites). We are paying the price today in the USA for this 1960’s CULTURE CRASH in both education, culture, unity and innovation, and will continue paying for it until things adjust and balance. This very difficult to impossible adjustment and balance is what is basically destroying this country and may lead to the demise and possible enslavement of the USA and its citizens by China. LQQK into my crystal ball and open your eyes, for the path leads to my fears and predictions (shudder).

Lastly, economies like stocks never go straight up or straight down. Ever hear of a “dead duck bounce” in the stock market? Remember, if you throw enough inflation capital into the economy you will have a year or two of absorption which will appear to be a rebound. This is how Obama plans to become re-elected because the lying snake knows this and will use a false economic rebound bounce to fool the media and public into thinking that he saved the day. Once elected, the economy will stay up as long as he inflates but in the long run every smile in this period will spawn a 1000 tears in the near future once OBAMA has abscounded with a fortune. Do I make myself clear?

SMILE….For God Loves you,


By Rick

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