You can criticize President Obama all you want about this one, if you are at total nut case and want to see the world destroyed in a nuclear holocost. Do you really think that single unidentified missile firing is grounds for panic or a nuclear counter strike? In this case it sounds like President Obama kept his head on straight and did the right thing.
Consider the following:

A. It could have been accidental.
B. It was not aimed and did not injure or damage anyone.
C. How are they so sure it was Chinese and not Israeli, French, British, Russian etc.
D. The only thing learned by this is that we are vulnerable and asleep at the wheel.
E. It is NOT in Chinas best interest to get involved in a nuclear war. They know it, We know it.
F. We need to worry more about nuke bomb parts smuggled into the US over the Mexican border then assembled
in 10 – 20 US cities (probably being done as we speak), then they could blackmail the US. Do you think that a
few airplane incidents are the best they can do?
G. We need to give South Korea the technology to defend themselves and REMOVE OUR TROOPS FROM THEIR SOIL.
H. In light of our new dependency on Chinese manufactured goods, it is incumbant on our state department to create a “NO CONFLICT ZONE” which both China and the USA agrees to.

We need to stop military exercises and war games near to China. How would we feel if China came over to the Gulf of Mexico or 200 miles off New York City with a fleet and conducted War Games with Venezuela? GET THE PICTURE?

By Rick

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