It has become clear and obvious to me that extreme liberals and conservatives neither comprehend or understand what has caused the economic upheaval or how to fix it. Sarah Palin as a person is an energetic good person with absolutely no experience or comprehension. She is not qualified to be the President, no way, no how. Haven’t we learned by the fumblings and miscalculations of Barack Obama that we are doomed unless we become unified of our understanding of the problems at hand. We are heading straight for a major financial and social disaster and nobody rich or poor will come out a winner. We all know that the major banks and lenders like Countrywide caused this financial collapse with their sub-prime mortgages, securitization and derivatives. Wall Street and the big lender banks have cost the U.S. economy over 6.5 Trillion dollars in losses which heavily impacted our economic system causing it to collapse into this ongoing recession or depression. First, we have to put the breaks on the out of control banks and credit card companies that are attacking our way of life. Stop foreclosures, grant credit amnesty to those victimized by this economy and modify mortgages to a point where Americans can get back into the financial mainstream and pay them back. Make it illegal to hire service personel outside of the USA and provide incentives for companies who keep our jobs and manufacturing in this hemisphere and not Asia. If Americans had jobs in America we would not have foreclosures and if Mexicans had jobs in their own country we would not have a border immigration problem. But most important, is to open your hearts and wallets to help those who are in distress because of this horrible crisis, otherwise we are all will be doomed to destruction and never ending violence in this once great nation.

By Rick

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