This political commentary website was founded several months before the election of 2008 to monitor the actions of democrat candidate, now President of the United States, Barak Hussein Obama. Barak Obama carried a lot of unanswered and unfavorable baggage into the Presidency and I simply wished to keep track of his actions, decisions and results. After over 3 years in office, I will tell you that President Obama will go down in history as one of the most inept, unprepared and clueless people ever to serve as the President of the United States. I’m not saying that President Obama is a bad or dishonest person, but that he began his Presidency as an idealistic novice and has made huge errors at nearly everthing he has attempted to do. Below is a list of just some of his errors (off the cuff without thinking too deeply):

1. If you care to do a little research, you will find that Goldman Sachs (Wall Street) and several large US Banks were among the top ten U.S. corporate contributors to Barak Obamas 2008 Presidential campaign. After winning the Presidential election, President Elect Obama (political patronage?) filled his important cabinet posts and advisory team with people connected with Wall Street connected persons, attorneys and economists who before his election, participated and helped cause the housing bubble, resulting in the crash of the US economy. People like Larry Summers, Timothy Geithner and Eric Holder stand out immediately and here’s why: Larry Summers, was Robert Rubin’s (Public Enemy #1 who caused the housing crash, Clintons Secretary-Treasurer and former Goldman Sachs Officer) and Treasury Dept undersecretary during the Clinton years and you should know that Rubin, Summers and Greenspan together convinced Clinton to sign the Gramm, Leach, Bliley Act of 1999. The GLB ACT was the most destructive piece of legislation passed in the history of the USA and is still being protected by the Obama Administration (I wonder why, heh heh heh). In early 2009, Larry Summers was appointed the official US Economic Advisor by newly elected President Obama. One of Summers first tasks was to hand out nearly $1 Trillion dollars to the big banks who caused the economic collapse, unemployment, financial misery, foreclosure, student loan defaults and ongoing recession. Secondly, Timothy Geithner also served under Robert Rubin and was described as Rubin’s protege during the Clinton years. Geithner was the behind the scenes man for bad guy Rubin. Last but not least is Eric Holder, Attorney General and former Attorney with the Washington Law firm of Covington & Burling. What is important to note is that Covington & Burling was the full time legal advisor to the MERS Corporation (Mortgage Electronic Registration System) which was a company founded by Countrywide and the big 5 banks with the purposed to avoid local transfer taxes and to bundle and securitized mortgages. MERS is still a large client of Covington and MERS was responsible for being responsible for most of the robo signing and fraud commited by the law firms represent the big 5 banks when foreclosing on the homes of millions of hapless and innocent American families. Articles in the national press have appeared linking Holder and several of his Covington cronies to MERS and hint that Holder is protecting MERS from fraud indictments because of Covingtons long term connection with MERS (sad).

2. Newly elected President Obama backed (rubber stamped) Bush’s $700+ billion dollar bailout of the Banks who caused the US economy to crash.

3. Obama turned Arizona’s illegal immigration crisis into a racial issue and filed a lawsuit against the State of Arizona while twiddling his thumbs, when they needed help desperately. Some of Obamas agents actually forced American gun dealers to sell thousands of military rifles and ammunition to Mexican drug cartels under the guise of using them to trace the cartels activity but that strategy backfired when several U.S. Agents were murdered by the Mexican gangs with U.S. Guns. Just a note, that anybody in the USA who supports President Obama on the basis of race alone, is not only a biggoted fool, but an idiot beyond imagination. Any human being who swears to the oath of US Presidency agrees to represent all the people of all races, rich or poor. Obviously, Barak Obama was not listening to the oath which he swore to when elected.

4. Obamas mishandled the BP oil crisis, created more unemployment and made the problem worse by mandating that oil companies must drill in waters 125 miles off the coast. Obamas inept energy policies in the Northern hemisphere (US and Canada) have added to our oil shortages and rising prices at the gas pump.

5. Obamas terrible poorly structured health care bill has created expensive and complicated regulations which have prevent American companies from hiring more employees, thus keeping unemployment numbers high, foreclosure and student loan defaults at record levels.

6. Obamas bad investments in the overpriced Federally mandated GM Chevy Volt and the $500,000,000 million dollar bankrupt Solyndra scandal didn’t do any favors to Obama’s already bad business reputation.

7. This month (Feb. 2012), President Obama has ordered the Pentagon to consider cutting U.S. strategic nuclear forces to as low as 300 deployed warheads—below the number believed to be in China’s arsenal and far fewer than Pakistan or current Russian strategic warhead stocks. As much as I hate living under the threat of a nuclear war, a perceived weak America will only serve as an invitation to bully us and possibly attack us. It is well known that we cannot trust other countries to reduce or eliminate their nuclear weapons stock. This is a very dangerous and irresponsible move by President Obama and perhaps rather than making us weaker and exposed, President Obama should focus on strengthening our defensive anti terrorist and anti nuclear missle umbrella protection.

Of course, I could write a book on this subject (which I have been for two years under the title “AMERICAN BANKSTERS”) but I think you get my point. It seems that Obama wants the average American to think that he is on their sides, when in reality he is serving Wall Street, Big Business and the Banks.

Soooo, why then if Obama is such a bad President am I worried that the Republicans will lose the 2012 election? Because the Republican candidates REFUSE to talk about and address the real truth about the cause and economic damages heaped upon us by a few selfish and greedy individuals, banks and Wall Street Investment banks. The American people know who their enemies are and are craving true justice. While it is true that there is not enough money to repay those tens of millions of Americans financially hurt by the actions of the above named, a shameless and open focus should be placed on mass credit amnesty, loan reduction and forgiveness of debt by the U.S. Government and those banks who created this mess in the first place. We need to put American hurt by the banks actions back on their feet financially, reinstate their good names and get them working again. This is no easy task, but if the Republican candidates would for once recognize this need they would win by a landslide. If the Republican candidates take the position of supporting those renegade banks and Wall Street opportunists (Mitt Romney and Goldman Sachs?) who caused the ongoing problems, then they should expect to lose…..miserably.


1. Assure the people that they will seek out and retroactively hold responsible (financially and legally) any person or corporation who actively participated in the housing crisis and destruction of the U.S. Economy, complete with Madoff style justice for them all.

2. Promote a national CREDIT AMNESTY PROGRAM for any individual or corporation who was financially injured by the above (1) mentioned perpetrators. Also, these people should be able to fill both individual and class action suits against those deemed guilty. This is a very controversial issue but please step back with an open mind and follow the banks destruction path of the US economy. First, the eradication and changing of the law in 1999 which allowed banks to merge with non-banks (Wall Street and Insurance companies) and more importantly it allowed them to use derivatives to hedge, leverage and bet against and pump up the value of their loans. At the height of the U.S. housing boom in 2006, the entire US mortgage value stood at $11 trillion dollars and experts were amazed to see over $600 trillion in derivatives (side bets) surrounding. The results were nearly 40 million working Americans and independent business people losing their jobs or seeing their incomes dramatically reduced. THEY DID NOT ASK THE BANKS TO GAMBLE AWAY U.S. PROSPERITY. In 2005, Congress and President Bush submitted to the banks lobbyists and exempted student loans from bankruptcy protection. Then two years later the banks destroyed jobs and American incomes which put a large percentage of student loans in default. Students, their co-signors, parents now are being bullied and threatened daily by student loan collection bureaus. The Republicans need to allow student loans to be recognized in bankruptcy and free and entire generation from the yoke of this debt. Why, because it is not their fault that the banks (the same who hold many student loans) caused them to default. The same is true with foreclosure judgements, many won through fraud and false robo signed signatures. These judgements should be erased and eliminated for the same reasons. The Republican candidates could be heroes to the cause of true justice if they would open their eyes to the needs of the middle class.

3. Establish Federally funded job training schools will be established and set up for those who have been unemployed for extended periods of time.

4. Obamacare act should be repealed, and replaced with a plan to establish free clinics (emergency rooms) in economically challenged urban areas. Medical schools should be supported and expanded to train more young physicians who will receive free or reduced tuitions in exchange for working at the clinics. Eventually, these clinics could go private to the right companies who are qualified to operate them. Stop scaring the retirees by threatening to cut medicare and social security benefits.

5. Open up oil drilling in most areas of the USA as long as oil companies agree to safety and clean up programs and that the oil drilled will be used strictly in the USA and not sold abroad.

6. Promote more cooperation between the Unions and private business in order to work together to keep prices competitive

7. Promise Tax incentives for companies to expand and hire more employees.

8. Promise to keep a strong defense and space program and support companies who expand and hire in those areas. We will strive to avoid international armed conflict and stop acting as the worlds policemen.

9. The government needs to explore eliminating any policies which attack and hurt American business as long as relaxing those rules do not jeopradize the American people.

10. We need to study and redesign our complicated and unfair tax systems and stop going after the wealthy as a panacea to our revenue shortage problems. Positive expansion of business and a productive fully employed economy is far more effective than punishing people who are successful in this country.

By Rick

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