The Future of America is in the hands of its Children. All we have to do is provided the best education and give them a stable economy to grow up in which they can create innovation and progress in the future.
However, our American system of education is being rewritten to fit the needs of the political party in power. Makes you wonder what kind of country our kids are growing up in. Liberal or conservative, Democrat, Republican or Whatever. Challenge for all of politicians is to use their common sense, do the right thing and don’t destroy the quality of life we have worked so hard to achieve. We are all in between a rock and a hard place. The Republicans want Laissez Faire, market forces which in this economy would surely evolve into a world depression with only the ultra rich standing. The Democrats promised the world but the first chance they got to do something, they blew it. No help for the working class–and none in sight, just a lot of lipservice. Only 2% of the “bailout” money has been distributed and that money went to the banks(money still tight as ever) and to General Motors(a total waste of billions). The rest is EARMARKED for 9000 socialist unworkable Barney Frank type programs ranging from long term studies for Polar Bears to providing millions of dollars worth of free colored condoms for Nancy Pelosi’s gay majority backers in San Fran. NO— LOW INTEREST LOANS FOR SMALL BUSINESS none, nada, NO DIRECT HELP FOR LAID OFF CITIZENS WHO ARE ABOUT TO LOSE THEIR HOMES, tents are now in fashion. Oh, the bail out money paid to date to the banks? Bank of America just announced a $4 Billion quarterly profit and now is toughening its stance on the hopeless and helpless (now that they are not hopeless and helpless) thanks to the infusion of our money into their vaults…..for free.

Anyway, I sound a bit disgusted with the way things are going….all this talk about change looks like it may boil down to spare change….if we are lucky. Oh, the pirate kid who with three others threatened to kill the kidnapped American captain….. He will probably get off free, will get money, education and an American citizenship for his cooperation and lots of sympathy from the Obama camp. Question is, what would have happened to our captain if the American snipers didn’t kill the other three kidnapper pirates.

Rots o Ruck,

By Rick

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