Picked the following on an internet blog. Most of it is TRUE and I’ve been saying a long time that the problems in the USA begin with bad choices and apathy in local politics. Incompetent councilmen and city mayors (who sometimes get elected to state and federal offices as legislators. Lois Frankel, former mayor of West Palm Beach is a great example of this hypocrisy. Frankel, a former untrained housewife, was elected as Mayor of West Palm Beach by courting the low information black minority group and large liberal Jewish community. She is a walking talking robot who supports President Obama’s policies and now Hillary Clinton. She favors destruction of the constitution and the bill of rights. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is another local (Weston, FL) disaster who should never been elected to public office and continues to work hard trying to destroy individual rights right here in America. Of course, she too is an Obama and Hillary Clinton robot. Read on, you may find this very interesting:

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Governments don’t give a fuck to be honest. It’s the meddling, obnoxious cunts at the local level that cause problems. And of course lobbyists seeking profits. Congress couldn’t give a flying fuck if you had your house on wheels or built your foundation two feet or three feet from the property line. Power tripping neighbors on the other hand…

Most people don’t do shit in their local government. So all that’s left are the people who are bored, too toxic to do charity work or anything of the sort, generally unskilled, and want a power trip. It’s no wonder that cities and towns tend to be authoritarian when the only members of the public who willingly participate are the worthless purpose-seeking asses.

Shelters, soup kitchens, etc. are often charity run… Usually by churches or have a church at least somewhat involved. That’s the church just being a dick and wanting to keep its followers down. Absolutely nothing new here.

As for government owned ones, there could be better facilities and help if it weren’t for assholes going “ohmagawd common sense properly administered welfare to those who really need it is hitler-esq” and “social Darwinism is the best policy” corrupting any efforts. Just look at the fight for lower healthcare costs. lobbyists and the media fought tooth and nail to make sure the U.S. wouldn’t get any sensible healthcare legislation. Who does this benefit, no one but a handful of health insurance fuckers.

If citizens would stop being so apathetic and ridiculous about their government at local, state, and federal levels we could actually get something done. People need to stop voting for people who flip flop on issues depending on who bought a pony for their daughter’s birthday. They also need to stop only participating whenever an issue arises. Reactionary governments are terrible governments. But, alas, we live in a world where a sizeable portion of the population would vote for a man who thinks that substantially higher taxes on the rich will pay for free college educations for all OR vote for a woman who is under criminal investigation, used her government office to solicit billions of $ in bribes for favors to foreign political and business leaders, and literally is a politician for hire 😮


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