Dear readers, It is my belief that the heart of America’s economic problems, social discontent and widening gap between the have and have nots began with the Housing Bubble and resulting economic crash in 2007-2008. While the foundation for this event began in the early 1990’s, the resulting damage occurred when all the regulations were lobbied away in the 1999 passage of the Gramm, Leach, Bliley Act which allowed banks to merge with non banks and openly use derivatives and swaps to bet against defaults. At this time today, the financial industry has escaped relatively unpunished and the lack of regulation that caused the economic crash still exists. The power of the banks and Wall Street through their intense lobbyists seeps deeply into the politics of BOTH parties and because of this the American public is suffering at the hands of both the Republicans and the Democrats (sad to say but true), and effectively have to deal with puppet leadership (controlled by the Banks and Wall Street) on both sides of the fence. The US financial industry has successfully infiltrated governments highest positions to insure their security at the expense of all Americans.

In a November 14, 2011 article from the Ft. Lauderdale Sun Sentinel, LPS Senior VP, Harold Blecher stated that the longer delinquency rates are more evidence of a foreclosure bottleneck that could hinder a housing recovery. This news article makes Mr. Blecher look like a legitimate analyst, however, in truth, Blecher and LPS are paid minions of the Banking industry which is currently lobbying Governor Rick Scott (medicare fraud millionaire) to pressure the Florida legislature to pass horrific legislation which will allow the banks who caused the problem, to destroy Florida homeowners and the real estate market forever (please read on)………….



By Rick

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