This article was passed on to me by a FB friend. It is so true and timely that I have to share it. Please pass on.
I went into the Dollar Store yesterday, and was thinking: “Getting cheap stuff from China is great, but how much does this stuff really cost when you add in the hundred billion or more it will cost the US in job and business losses?” I mean, we have lost factories, jobs, security, ability to protect ourselves, pandemics, and all other “beyond negative” things all because of CHEAP GOODS from China! I’m betting the real cost of that dollar purchase — if I think from a prospective of all the infrastructure we can’t do or afford — all the jobs that would have been filled — all the industry that SHOULD be here — is about five bucks to the dollar, maybe more. And MAYBE, if I’m even half right — buying stuff
(sorry) from China — isn’t that great a deal, after all. Maybe, it’s just setting us up for disaster after disaster, or downturn after downturn??? So, I guess what I’m saying is: Everyone is taking a really terrible hit here (what was the last one they tried killing off the world with . . . Saars?) job wise, freedom wise, cabin fever wise, health system wise, and long term government trillions debt wise (which the taxpayer will have to bear, sooner or later — plus reduced social services) — is it worth it, just for a fricking trip to the Dollar Store????? IT’S TIME WE BROUGHT THE INDUSTRY BACK TO THE USA. It’s time “Made in the USA” was what you looked for when buying something vs price — as long as it wasn’t ridiculous. Because I’m thinking — if we don’t — when the NEXT pandemic hits the world (compliments of China once again) — we might just not have the bucks and ability to economically or socially – survive it. And China will be laughing — because — in the end, that’s EXACTLY what they are hoping for.

By Rick

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