This past Sunday evening after watching HBO’s stellar series “A GAME OF THRONES” with a friend, I noticed a news flash from FOX on my I-phone that said President Obama has scheduled and important nationally televised announcement for 10:30 pm. I immediately alerted a couple of my friends and then turned on my TV to see Geraldo Rivera playing “guess what the Prez is going to say”. After about 15 minutes of this goofy Geraldo stuff, a Fox News staff member hands him a paper and Geraldo starts acting like he won the freakin lottery and is jumping around screaming how happy he is. Across the screen traveled a banner stating “USAMA BIN LADIN IS DEAD”. Meanwhile, Geraldo (still deliriously happy) is literally frothing at the mouth as my wife and I sat quietly stunned watching this TV sideshow. Now we all know that catching or killing OSAMA has been on this country’s minds for nearly ten years and he truly deserves the worst for what he did by causing thousands to die a horrible death and altered the lives of billions of people all over the world. Grim resolve, sadness about those he killed but giddy happiness? Oh well, guess we are all different in that regard.

This morning the news stated that 24 Navy Seals acting on a tip from an insider, landed helicopters at the private villa walled compound in Islamabad, Pakistan where Bin Ladin and some of his family were living. According to the news reports, Bin Ladin, an older son and a woman used as a shield were killed. The Navy Seals quickly scooped up the body of Bin Ladin and hastily retreated from Pakistan in their helicopters. Photos and films were taken throughout the event but nothing has been released to the press as of this time. Bin Ladins body was buried at sea to prevent his followers from making a martyr of him (as the story was told). So OK, good, the monster is dead and it’s been sooo too long in coming….are you and I OK with all of this so far? Should be right? President Obama claimed a victory and certainly this will go far to persuade the independents in the middle that he is certainly not the wimp who is soft on Islamic terrorists that he has been accused of being RIGHT?

Now I have a few questions:

1. Why the name change from OSAMA to USAMA? Is it because
the spelling OSAMA and OBAMA are so closely similar that it is an attempt to somehow distance OBAMA from OSAMA. Probably….and cannot think of any other valid explanation for it.

2. We all know what OSAMA / USAMA looks like, so why the shrould of secrecy about showing photos of his dead body and videos of the burial at sea. Where’s the corpse, where’s the head of the victim (as was the custom in the old days). We all know that we can trust everything that our Government and News people say, so why do we need to bother seeing proof that he is dead? Strictly a formality! Donchathink? If they don’t show the proof the doubters will start all sorts of rumors that always seem to follow events like this. You would think that the authorities and government would learn from the past how things evolve with showing the people the truth. In any event, congratulations and good job to the Navy Seals who risked their lives to finish this unfinished business. It may not end Al Quida but it certainly sends them a strong message.:eek:

By Rick

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