October 22, 2012, After much fanfare the much heralded and final Presidential debate didn’t open up much new ground and each candidate simply danced around what had been discussed in the first two debates. Strategically, Mitt Romney rope a doped his way through the topics and avoided digging too deeply into confronting Obama. Time will tell but perhaps it may turn out to be the best strategy in the long run. The Presidential debates have been informative and have shown the public some insight about each candidate but the candidates avoided saying and discussing some important things that weighed far more heavily on my mind.

Most of us already knew before the debates that President Obama’s entire life and career has been steeped in socialism and anti-colonialism which has been magnified by the class envy of the poor blacks of America. While America has made great strides in the cause of Civil Rights for all, many people like Barack Obama have grown impatient by the ongoing poverty and social plight of the (black) poor. So much so that his words and actions lead me to believe that Obama has decided to devise ways of taking the wealth from the haves and distribute them to the have nots (or at least that is what he has said). Obama

By Rick

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