THIS IS THE 2nd Debate featuring President Barack Obama vs Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney. This debate took place at 9pm est, October 16, 2012, Location: Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York, a traditional liberal Democrat stronghold. This “Town Hall” type meeting seemed to be slanted more toward the Democrats than Republicans. The media made sure that certain Democrats were planted and armed with controversial questions designed to entrap Mitt Romney, but he stood his ground and answered all the questions openly and honestly. President Obama seemed to cling more to attacking Romney with false rehearsed accusations than to explain his past actions or future plans. In fact, the main thing that really BOTHERS me about President Obama is that throughout his debate rhetoric he dropped hints that he really understands the plight of the middle class. However, stepping back and looking at Obama’s record over the last four years it is easy to see that he has botched up everything he has attempted (A BIZARRO PRESIDENT) mostly at the expense of the middle class. Consider the following:

1. Healthcare Problem = botched up hastily poorly constructed healthcare bill he signed before reading. Obama and the Pelosi led Democrats did not include any Republican input in the construction of this bill and shoved it down our throats. We need to repeal this terrible piece of legislation and re-examine the healthcare crisis in a more positive affordable way.

2. Immigration Problem = turned it into a racial issue. Obama wants to use immigration to create more dependant voters at the expense of the U.S. citizens.

3. Financial Problems =
A. The DODD-FRANK Bill is nearly as poorly written as the Obamacare bill. It does not correct the problems and actually has caused the entire lending industry to gridlock, since very few mortgages or refinancing are being created due to all the contradictions in this bill. Dodd-Frank needs to be repealed and replaced.
During the last four years President Obama and his MERS friendly attorney general, Eric Holder have actually given the big banks the upper hand in the following:
B. Foreclosures – Obama was not tough enough with the banks and did not rally Congress to REPEAL the GRAMM LEACH BLILEY ACT of 1999 which allows the banks extreme use of derivatives (Approx. $26 trillion dollars in U.S. consumer wealth lost due to overuse of derivatives by reckless lending by the banks).
C. Student Loans – has done nothing to amend the 2005 Dark Age bankruptcy law changes or force banks that caused most of the economic problems to accept an amnesty program since the banks now prey on students and their families who are now caught in the vortex of an ongoing negative economy and cannot afford to pay back these loans due to income and job losses. (Due to job scarcities caused by the same banks who caused the economy to crash).

4. Energy Problem = Killed the Canadian pipeline, restricted new drilling permits and punishes coal companies, but loudly lies about his total failure from his lending billions of dollars to failed alternate energy companies.

5. Jobs Problem = because of Obama’s tax raising overtures and added healthcare costs employers large and small are hesitant to rehire employees and the malaise continues.

6. Foreign Affairs = To put it bluntly, Obama has punished our allies and rewarded our enemies. Obama has been trying hard to reduce our nuclear stockpile and our military effectiveness which puts us in harms way.

7. Tax Rates = Obama’s style is to create a big nanny state government and spend trillions of dollars to support it. Meanwhile the private sector is straining under Obama’s regulations and threatened tax hikes. Obama is also under a false assumption that heavily taxing our wealthy minority will solve our countries problems. Note that he never suggests reducing wanton government spending. This gross misconception will only cause the wealthy to flee from the USA and withhold making long term investments in new business which hurts employment.

8. The Constitution = Obama is one vote in the Supreme Court from running rampant over our civil rights granted us by our founding fathers. Free speech and the right to bear arms are under attack by Barack Obama.

CONCLUSION: Mitt Romney and the Republican Party are not perfect but if Romney wins and fails to deliver, he and the Republicans will have NO WHERE TO RUN, NO WHERE TO HIDE and they know this, so give them a chance to prove themselves since we all know Obama’s approach to government has failed miserably. As for the debate, Obama spent more time slandering Romney than explaining why nothing he (Obama) has done worked or why he (Obama) has done everything HALF – ASSED. While I do not expect Romney or the Republicans to do anything to curb the banks on the foreclosure and student loan problems, the fact that Romney overall will create a business friendly environment which will result in more jobs and business opportunities and alleviate much of those festering problems which the banks themselves did a lot to create.

In my opinion, Obama was loud, accusatory and argumentative but LOST THE TOWN HALL DEBATE to Romney especially in the “WHAT WILL I DO IN THE NEXT FOUR YEARS” ARENA. Mitt Romney was clearly the winner of this town hall debate.


By Rick

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