The following was written in a public blog and I think it is right on the money:

IN SUMMARY : I’ve tried to watch this living tragedy with an open mind. Truly both families will carry deep suffering for the rest of their lives. As an investigative reporter (public name withheld for contractual reasons), I’ve learned to step back and try to see the forest rather than the trees.

1. you have a middle class, mixed race Sanford neighborhood (Twin Lakes) plagued by vandalism, theft and violence which crimes for the most part have been carried out by black thugs from nearby black neighborhoods. The neighbors are fed up and form a neighborhood watch group of which George Zimmerman, a young man aspiring to be a policeman.

2. Trayvon Martin arrives from Miami, a young man with a troubled history currently suspended from school for the third time.

3. In an understandable case of mistaken identity (not racial profiling), Trayvon is followed and Zimmerman is following too close and raised the concern of Trayvon, who does not retreat and in a display of arrogant young black manhood(street cred) confronts his observing follower.

4. Words go back and forth and Trayvon (no stranger to street fights) throws the first punch breaking the nose of George Zimmerman. Zimmerman is stunned and falls to the ground with Trayvon quickly pinning him repeatedly punching him and pounding his head on the sidewalk.

STOP RIGHT HERE: The parents of BOTH sides claim it is their son’s voice who is screaming for help. Who do you believe? Is it a draw or deadlock? NO…. Remember, eye witnesses told the court that Trayvon was on top of Zimmerman MMA style pinning his arms and raining blows down on Zimmerman. Doesn’t it seem strange and out of sync that Trayvon who is doing the punching is crying out, wailing in pain (listen to the actual sound bytes). WHY WOULD TRAYVON BE CRYING OUT WHEN HE WAS NOT THE ONE IN PAIN? This is not logical because it is Zimmerman who is stunned with a broken nose, a bleeding mouth, being punched hard repeatedly and having his head slammed against concrete. COMMON SENSE proves it is Zimmerman crying out in pain. No sane person, regardless of your support of Trayvon or Zimmerman should think otherwise.

REMEMBER PEOPLE: Trayvon, age 17, was not the little 12 year old boy in the FALSE PHOTOS still used to bring sympathy to his cause. Trayvon was a tall muscular teenager, athletic, steet smart and strong. Trayvon loved street fighting and had confidence in his fighting abilities. Zimmerman had NO KNOWLEDGE of who Trayvon was, how old he was, or whether or not he was a criminal casing the neighborhood. IN FEAR OF HIS LIFE AFTER being beaten and injured, George Zimmerman reluctantly pulled his 9mm Kel Tec pistol and fired one shot quickly at his tormentor (no time to aim) which killed Trayvon and stopped the beating. Like a lot of concealed weapons permit holders, Zimmerman always kept one bullet in the chamber. The gun a Kel-Tec PF9 is one of the smallest 9mm carry guns and does not have a normal safety. The safety is in it’s long, stiff trigger pull, a characteristic of many small concealed carry automatics.

Yes, it is sad and a waste that Trayvon died before he had time to get his life back on the right track (you never know though) and Zimmerman learned a nightmarish lesson that will scar him for life. Zimmerman should be set free and people all over this nation should reflect on the mistakes made in this unfortunate tragedy. Peace to all.

***** My take on this case….

This case as horrific as it seems, could easily happen everyday in America. Even though the press brags about the US economy improving, the plight of black unemployment, particularly untrained, poorly educated black teenagers has increased. Violence from black teenagers has been spilling over into nearby white communities and many peaceful whites have purchases a huge supply of modern firearms loaded with powerful hi tech ammunition. Expect many more black teenagers to die if this trend increases. The George Zimmerman 2nd degree murder trial is all about politics. It was and is a clear example of self defense and stand your ground. The black community was whipped into an emotional frenzy by black leaders Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and of course our President got it all wrong too. The 2nd degree murder charge was made for political reasons only to placate and pacify the outraged (but wrong about this one) black community.

Now as the trial stands at the mercy of an all woman jury, some people in the black community have made threats about killing more innocent white people and rioting. I’ve known for a fact that some south Florida police departments are gearing up and training for such an event. Do not be surprises if the judge and jury is not pressured to throw Zimmerman under the bus and convict him in order to appease this mob. It this happens (and I really pray that it does not), then you may see a real backlash from white gunowners in the future.

By Rick

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