Since this “movement” (if you want to call it that) began, I have watched with keen interest in order to get a true picture of what the OCCUPY WALL STREET protest is all about. Like the Tea Party the Occupy Wall Street group is made up of a wide variety of people with a wide variety of beliefs. It always amuses (and frankly pisses me off) when the mainstream media labels the Tea Party as a conservative movement and the Occupy Wall Street as a liberal movement. While it is true that there are some conservatives (and a few liberals) in the tea party, the mainstream of the tea party and the Occupy Wall Street groups are independent voters who are tired of amateur racist Obama misjudging every aspect of the USA’s problems and wasting a ton of money which could have been used for better purposes. The problem with the Tea Party is that it is has been captured by the twisted idiots of the conservative religious ultra right wing Republicans which is made up of a group of major banks, corporations, wealthy individuals and misguided upper class citizens who are totally blind, deaf and led by nose by the likes of Limbaugh, Hannity and Levine. To many people not directly affected by the housing crisis conveniently write off those hurt by the banks (the jobless and foreclosure victims) as people who deserved to be hurt because they lived beyond their means, but in most cases they were in businesses that were exposed to the effects of bank corruption (real estate, securities, service industry, private entreprenues etc.). Too many people who were lucky and fortunate enough to pay off their homes and have enough liquid assets don’t realize that just because they weren’t directly hurt, it doesn’t mean that those who were hurt do not deserve justice and understanding. Those hurting because of the banks actions in many cases were
hard working loyal Americans who paid their bills and supported this country as much as anybody else.

The right wing conservatives firmly believe that weirdo Barney Fwank, Chris Dodd, Hairy Reed and fancy Nancy Pelosi caused the housing bubble by loaning money to jobless, ghetto dwelling black folks under the pressure of the community redevelopment act of 1977 (Jimmy Carter’s legacy). Hey people, I think reverse racism in the form of socialist freebies to any race, based on race is WRONG, but the problem of the USA’s economic collapse was not caused by the admittedly strange and misguided left wing Democrat leadership, it was caused by Big bank and Wall Street lobbyists in league with BOTH Republican (Phil Gramm) and Democrat (Robert Rubin) who exposed the USA to the same things that caused the GREAT DEPRESSION of the 1930’s (check out the GRAMM, LEACH, BLILAY ACT OF 1999 if you doubt me). It was the Banks wonton and their criminal uses of DERIVATIVES that compounded the losses because of big bank greed and caused the entire economy of the USA to lose TRILLIONS of dollars in 2008. In truth, nearly every middle class American should have a libel damage case against the BIG BANKS and the GOLDMAN SACHS crowd, which in many cases far exceeds the balances of alleged mortgage notes due in foreclosure. Not all Wall Street was at fault but the guilty big guys of WS (such as Goldman Sachs) to date have NOT BEEN PUNISHED.
OBAMA has totally been ineffective in stopping the banks from continuing to punish and harass those who lost their jobs and income because of the banks actions and are now in foreclosure. The two faced Republican conservative movement aka Rick Perry, Michele Bachman, Herman Cain and a host of other conservative Presidential 2012 candidates want to sweep the bank problems under the table and would remove all aid and assistance to those injured financially allowing the banks to purge and completely destroy the middle class of America.

THAT’s WHAT “OCCUPY (Wall Street) AMERICA” IS ALL ABOUT and if our politicians in both the Democrat and Republican Party do not open their minds, eyes and ears, I predict that these now peaceful protests will result in revolutionary violence unprecedented in US history. If a Republican candidate would simply denounce the criminal big banks and wall street actions and stop the foreclosures, support the jobless while creating more jobs, that candidate would win by a huge majority. However, the blind Republican party is following the hard line of the conservative movement and will hand the next four years to inept Barack Obama on a silver platter. If Hilary Clinton ran against Obama in 2012, she would defeat Obama in the primary and easily defeat any conservative Republican candidate. Don’t believe me…..Just watch it happen! The idiots in Europe are already getting violent in the name of Occupy Wall Street, but I suspect that there are darker forces at work who are using the American protest as a scape goat. In my opinion, the European protests have nothing to do with wall street and more about the end of the mega socialist entitlements coming to an end in Europe.

By Rick

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