By: Kathleen Brush Ph.D.

March 24, 2021

Racism is the answer to everything today. But only when it can be twisted to apply to white people.

It was predictable that the mainstream media and other social justice advocates jumped to the conclusion that the mass murderer in Boulder was another white supremacist. Anyone familiar with Boulder, CO knows if there is a mass shooter in Boulder, most of the dead will be white. In this case, they were all white.

Was Ahmed Al Aliwi Alissa a racist? The preliminary data can make that case, but no one is calling him a racist and not a Muslim terrorist either. Most news reports are mum on describing him as a brown person. That’s become common. It’s called culprit shaming or racist. Same goes for noting he is Muslim. In fact, the news overall is relatively light. How can the mainstream media and politicians get ratings from the story of a non-Christian brown man that hated Trump, and murdered ten white people, including a dead hero white Christian cop?

The murder of eight people in Atlanta, six Asian, immediately became an act of white supremacy. It had to be because Robert Long is white and widely reported to be a devout Christian. When it was reported that the motive was related to sex addiction, Long was cast as another white guy using white privilege to get charges dropped.

Most of the recent physical assaults, some deadly, on Asian Americans have, however, been carried out by African Americans, but they don’t make headlines or even the back page. Because they aren’t racist?

President Obama weighed in on the recent mass murders this year by saying disaffection, racism, and misogyny are to blame. He may have got one right. Disaffection means dissatisfaction with people in authority. Scanning 128 mass murders this century, only two seemed to fall into the category of racist and none, misogynist.President Biden now holds the record for the number of mass shootings this early into his presidency.

Meyers Leonard is a white basketball player for the NBA. He was front-page news for two days because of an anti-Semitic slur. The coverage of the slur included a picture of him uniquely among his teammates standing for the National Anthem. A picture is worth a thousand words. Meyers is a white patriot that is anti-Semitic. Undoubtedly a Trump voter. Is Leonard anti-Semitic? He said he didn’t know what k*ke meant. I suppose a lot of Americans might not know that Yankee is a racial slur for white people and so is Abe Lincoln. Of course, Leonard could be lying.

Here’s the rub; blacks are 2.1 times more likely to be anti-Semitic than whites, (For Latinos it is 1.9 times more likely.) but anti-Semitism by black NFL or NBA players is only reported on the back page and any published punishments are relatively minor, compared to Leonard’s monetary fine, and suspension followed by a trade.

Anyone that questions the crisis at the southern border is a racist against brown people and Texas Governor Greg Abbot who is married to a Mexican American woman is the head racist. He has pointed to a humanitarian crisis and the spread of covid. The news denounced his ulterior motives as racist. Good for Abbot. He has been undeterred. He sees the racist label for what it’s become. A hackneyed accusation used against white people.

How can it be in a nation that has become supercharged about diagnosing racism anywhere and everywhere that it is okay to be blatantly and unapologetically racist against whites? The Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects white people too. At least, it’s supposed to.  

Kathleen Brush, Ph.D, is a former senior executive. She is author of America’s Discrimination Circus, and Racism and anti-Racism in the World: before and After 1945.

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