For anybody over the age of 50 you will probably remember that funny cartoon called “The Wild Ride of Mr. Toad”. As we all recall, Mr. Toad was an amateur driver with huge ambition and his decision to take a wild ride in a souped up car nearly destroyed his little town.

Well folks, it looks like we have a POTUS (Pres. Of The United States) who is best described as Mr. Toad. He is just itching to take another wild ride with no experience at the wheel and at a potential huge expense of U.S. taxpayers money, citizens lives and our nation’s credibility. As President since 2009, Barack Hussein Obama has tried nearly every limit of his political power, ALL EXCEPT FOR ONE! He hasn’t made war on any other nation and it looks like that one is about to be tested by Mr. Toad Obama himself. Attack Syria with surgical cruise missile strikes, then it’s all over, nothing to worry about! and if you believe that last one then shame on you. Hey people, Obama’s approval ratings have gone to hell and we all know that wars, even little wars tend to unite this country behind our President. WELL NOT THIS TIME MR. PRES. Like our ally Britian says: You’ll have to go it alone. SAD, HOW VERY SAD:mad:

By Rick

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