Where do you think the current government is taking you (us?). It is evident that President Obama is an extreme socialist and heartfully represents the black race first and foremost (see his speech to the Black Caucus 9/26/2009). EVERYTHING he is doing now in 2009 is building towards a system of CHANGE from capitalism to extreme socialism. Yes, the change many of you sheep out there unwisely voted for without ever asking what change he had in mind. The USA is now spinning out of control towards a period of political cayous and racial warfare (hidden purpose of gun control). The last part is particularly disturbing because most good people want equality and would like to live in a peaceful lawabiding society, however, extremists on both sides, but more particulary on the left will make this impossible. Ever watch poker on TV late at night? The players sit around a table with sunglasses and hoods on to hide their every card and move. Politically this is the way President Obama is playing it. For example, early this month, racial bigot and activist Van Jones was appointed as the White House avisor to the Presidents Council of Environmental Quality(this guy is a ghetto type who cant even speak English let alone make intelligent decisions on the environment). Van Jones has made racially bigoted statements, sided with anti US terrorists and cop killers because the killers were black and the cop was white. When many people on the right cried foul about this appointment, President Obama put pressure on Van Jones to resign, lest Obama show his true colors too early in his reign. Make no mistake about this folks, President Obama is a puppet master (we are his puppets) and a master of deception. In my opinion it was wrong for SC congressman Joe Wilson to call out LIAR to President Obama during his address on health care, but what Joe Wilson said was the 100% truth.
WAKE UP AMERICA!, for you are being lied to and you are selling your children and grandchildren to monsters who want to destroy you, strip you of opportunity, wealth and control your every thought and move. Is this the CHANGE you had in mind when you voted for President Obama? If so, I will gladly take up residence in another country since I no longer identify with this way of thinking. However, I know enough intelligent loyal Americans who know the truth and will fight if necessary to reinstate and preserve it. I believe in the United States of American with freedom and justice for all and that includes every citizen of every race and religion. I will never believe in the United States of Black America, the Black Caucus or their extreme socialist racist leader, President Obama who only servers on group to the disadvantage of all others and will stop at nothing until he gets his way. If Obama wants to be at true great leader he will ban all racists groups, stop appointing racists to high government positions and start working for all of America and not just black America. President Kennedy did one good thing in his sloppy career as President, he passed the long overdue Civil Rights Bill of 1964 which made all of us equal regardless of race, religion or sex. Unfortunately there are those both black and white who want to drag us backward and President Obama should realize this and look at all sides of what he is doing and proposing. Groups with single racial purposes should be illegal and abolished starting first with the Black Caucus.

By Rick

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