Yesterday, August 24, 2010 was a real eye opener. The voting public reacted strongly against the current direction of Obama’s government. I’m not saying that die hard white liberal Democrats and black racists
(those blacks who vote for candidates because they are black regardless of their beliefs….SAD) are not still behind Obama. What I am saying is that the independents are starting to see the light and are swinging toward the right center of things. President Obama has had two years to change the course of events and has actually put us deeper in the hole. Obama’s free wheeling and misdirected spending has actually caused the state of the US economy to worsen by such making amateur decisions during his tenure as President.

When Obama took office I actually felt that certain parts of the economy would have benefited greatly by focusing on rallying the lending community to extend mortgage loans, reduce interest and work with the people. I also hoped that our government would set up real
low interest loans to real qualified small businesses as well as tax relief. It would have been nice if the US government would have posted a national moratorium prohibiting local and state governments from raising property taxes in areas where real estate is depressed and put caps on how much these taxing authorities can raise taxes in good times. Instead, President Obama has squandered over 800 billion dollars in pork barrel projects, cancelled NASA and forced a oil drilling moratorium causing over 100,000 persons to lose their jobs and don’t forget that the democrat congress passed the deceitful Obama care act which of all things gives the IRS the power to disect and systematically destroy all remaining free enterprise in the US through their ridiculous 1099 requirements scheduled to be the rule beginning 2012.

Because of Obamas wrongful actions and bad decisions I now believe that the only way that this country can survive is to take back control of Congress by strong dedicated conservative leaders who will repeal the health care act, cancel what remains of the Obama false stimulus and help the country where help is truly needed. Basically, we need to invest money in areas which will cause production and jobs and not money to people and projects which do not produce.

In May 2010, I was angry at the Florida Republican Party for choosing Marco Rubio over Charlie Crist, since Crist had done a decent job as the Florida Governor with some bad decisions mixed in which happens with all politicians. However, I have been watching Charlie Crist closely and have noticed that Charlie Crist is unpredictable and seems to be concentrating more on votes than what is right and wrong in this country. Charlie seems to be for Charlie first and I did not like his attitude and statements about immigration or the BP oil crisis. He failed horribly in both. I now apologize to Marco Rubio and the Republican party and fully support Marco Rubio in the Senate race. Also, I would like to mention that I strongly support Allen West for U.S. Congress. Allen West is everything that I wished Obama was but isn’t. Perhaps the racists black voting bloc should realize that there are black leaders who “get it” and Allen West is at the top of that list. Race is the last thing that should ever be considered in politics. It’s funny how anything about race is a no no for whites but is ok for blacks. I hate even talking about it, but the truth is, that the roles of racial prejudice has reversed and it’s time that all races start thinking as Americans and not as black, whites etc. We need leaders who recognize the urgency to correct our mistakes and support those who need help to get back on their feet. We have to stop the hypocrisy NOW!

By Rick

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