If you look closely at the type of people voting to keep President Obama in office another four years, you will see an overwhelming number of lower class people and people who want the benefits of
big government without having to work hard for it. They never think twice about taking but give little or nothing. These type of people I can understand would vote for Obama, but what really shocks me are the number of clueless affluent people who for reasons of misguided benevolence, white guilt or whatever crazy devils are dancing in their tiny little brains are content to vote for Obama without realizing that they are SHOOTING THEMSELVES IN THE FOOT.

1. President Obama’s policies will eventually lead this country to poverty, civil war and mass suffering.
2. This President is dedicated to reducing the USA to essentially what was the old version of Soviet Communism. Destruction of the upper and middle classes and redistribution (destruction) of wealth and private investment. The sad thing is that those who you would think would benefit from his policies will wake up someday to realize that they are stuck in poverty forever with no hopes of bettering their lives.
3. This President has no regard for the Constitution of the United States or the freedom of its citizens. Never in the history of this country has its people been so divided and you can place this blame for a divided nation directly on the shoulders of Barak Hussein Obama.
4. Obamas misguided policies will destroy our health care system (just ask your doctor), will reduce our military power to such an extent that we will eventually be in danger of suffering an attack by our enemies once they realize what Obama has done. Obama wants to take away our right to defend ourselves and will keep energy prices sky high and this country jobless and in a constant state of depression.

God help us all if Obama is reelected. It’s all downhill from there if he stays in office.


By Rick

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