• Ending the filibuster – Minority party will no longer be able to block legislation
• Statehood for Washington DC and Puerto Rico which will add over 20 million Democrats to the Polls.
• End the Electoral College which insures that 4-5 states will control the US Government for the foreseeable future.
• Add unlimited liberal members to the Supreme and U.S. District courts eliminating the courts as a check and balance.
• Allow open immigration and removal of the wall erected on our southern boundary. This will allow hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world to enter the US and become instant citizens.
• Reparations for all black citizens for damages caused by slavery.
• Total return of Obamacare in the form of a single payer system which will drastically result in the cost and quality of the US healthcare system.
• Reducing, defunding or eliminating the police.
• Massively reduce the US Military.
• Excessive gun and ammunition control leading to confiscation.
• Big income tax increases for corporations and individuals
• The Billionaires tax on net worth and assets
• Raising the inheritance tax to over 50%
• Eliminate sanctions and tariffs on China, Iran and North Korea
• Allow China to use US universities and to own and operate businesses in the USA including 5G networks.

By Rick

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