Being gay is not just a sexual preference. It is a subculture, a political movement and a private special interest club of sorts. Gays in general relate to other gays regardless of nationality, race, religion or political motivations. This is why it is hard to trust gays with sensitive top secret information, since they might have a relationship with another gay who is from the other side. Gays tend to band together in the corporate environment and reward jobs to other gays over non gays regardless of talent (It’s all about being gay). When gays take over a media network they tend to band together to push the gay agenda (ie. Duck Dynasty, Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden and Paula Dean, all victims and/or perpetrators of a gay vs non gay power struggle for control). Gays use other minorities to their advantage to gain traction, such as minority blacks (Obamas gay movement) and illegal Mexicans, without really believing in the other groups cause. Gays sometimes masquerade as heterosexuals in high places for control purposes, with arranged marriages and even planted children (Rev. Wright has been accused of doing just this for years – need I say more?). This manifests itself in the highest political spots in the nation without being detected or exposed. People in the USA are truly a nation of sheep and sheep need to be herded and regularly sheered. So nothing wrong with being gay for sexual preference purposes, but when the gays band together for the upper hand. WATCH OUT. – See more at:

By Rick

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