First of all, Obama sucks — Big Time. The idiocracy of his first term is so much more than most people realize. His cabinet is filled with morons and Wall Street types, many who caused the economy to crash. Larry Summer, a former Obama economic advisor made tens (maybe hundreds) of millions of dollars providing favors to major banks, foreign billionaires while screwing this country to the wall with the bailouts. Summers who along with Robert Rubin and Alan Greenspan convinced Monica Bill Clinton to sign the Gramm Leach Bliley Act of 1999which paved the way for the banks and wall street to gamble away US home mortgages through securitization and derivatives. Obama Attorney General Eric Holder before becoming Atty Gen, worked for a large Wash DC law firm which helped set up and advised MERS CORP. (Mortgage Electronic Registration System). The same MERS who helped the big banks avoid billions of $ in transfer taxes owed to the counties of the USA, and was behind most of the robo-signing fraud which screwed millions of helpless Americas hurt by the economy to lose their homes to foreclosure. Eric Holder has not charged one person or bank with fraud over the robosigning scandal and many close to the situation think that he is protecting his former client MERS. Then of course there is Obamacare, all set to help destroy the USA in the near future, Obamas stupid approach to immigration, energy and taxation.

No, I dont think that I will vote to re-elect Obama.

So with all of the above, it should be easy to pick a Republican candidate……Right? ……………..Wrong. Basically, the Republican candidates are clueless and as stupid in their own way as Obama, even worse on a few issues. Note that they never explain how they would right the wrongs which caused our economic problems, such as reversing and abolishing the Gramm, Leach, Bliley Act of 1999 which still allows our banks to merge with non banks and gamble on wall street. In fact, if elected the GOP dummies will actually cause the economy to sink into another recession, since we are actually experiencing world DEFLATION (art and real estate are perfect examples) and cutting the money supply will actually be more like throwing gasoline onto the fire. The GOP will also help the banks abuse and foreclose homes in default reducing legal protection which is holding them at bay. The GOP thinks it is terrrible that banks have to prove standing (their right to foreclose) and actually provide proof that the hold the original note and deed (even though they actually sold them to foreign investors). Bottom line….

either way the USA is FKDDDDDD……….Guesss we can all just go and eat worms. Soooo, WHO WILL GET THEIR COUNTRY BACK IN 2012 – Not the Middle Class!

By Rick

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