As a self employed independent business man of nearly 40 years (I have worked for big corporations for only 9 years of my illustrious careers since I was 18 years of age) I have employed hundreds of employees and because of rising expenses, health care, taxes, local state and federal requirements, it is harder than ever for a small to medium business to survive. I find it amusing that after two years in office our President Barack Obama is still touting “shovel ready jobs” and still talking in generalities, but never seeing nor admitting his mistakes. If you check my earlier postings you will see that I always said that regardless of Obamas ideology, Obama is “the dog who caught the car”, untrained, inexperienced and extremely gullible.

Consider the following points in a timeline: (be patient cause it all comes back to our HERO, Barack Hussein Obama….fun huh!)

1. Liberal Democrats passed the CRA (Community Redevelopment Act of 1977) and over the following 30 years harassed and pressured our banking system into lowering their loan requirements and assume more risk in lending to the poor in order to stop banks from redlining low income areas.
2. In the 1980’s and early 1990’s the increased loan losses created a demand from the banks for more profits to offset the losses and they lobbied and pushed hard to eliminate the GLASS-STEAGALL ACT of 1933 which specifically was passed to keep banks from speculating with their customers assets through merger or gambling on wall street with swaps and derivatives.
3, Robert Ruben, Democrat economist railed AGAINST the use of derivatives by Wall Street and the Chicago Board of Trade and maintained that position until strangely changing his position about face in 1999.
4. Bank and Wall Street lobbyists found self serving Republican Senator Phil Gramm (R for Republican and RAT) and his wife Wendy Gramm, a former ENRON planner, who together with his two lackey Republican congressmen, Rep. Jim Leach(R) and Rep. Thomas Bliley (R) followers, wrote and sponsored the GRAMM-LEACH-BLILEY ACT of 1999.
(THE 3 STOOGES meet THE 3 SCROOGES) This DISASTER of an act was embraced by President Bill Clinton who signed the bill on the advice of his greedy self serving advisors, Secretary Treasurer Robert Ruben, Asst Secy Treasurer Larry Summers and inept Federal Reserve Chairman and Ruben best friend, Alan Greenspan (THE 3 SCROOGES). THIS BILL destroyed the protection of the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 and opened the door wide open for the big banks to become diversified financial holding companies to the detriment of all of the people in the USA, save the fat cats in those companies.
5. A few months later in 1999, Robert Rubin resigned as Secretary Treasurer and relinquished his approx. $180,000 salary to join the Board of Directors of Citigroup and used his insider directed dealings to increase his personal wealth to the tune of tens of millions of dollars. His under study and protege Larry Summers assumed his position as Secretary Treasurer for the balance of Clintons term of office and subsequently became just as rich as buddy Rubin off his corporate and international contacts. It would be interesting to see what Summers and Greenspan gained financially for their supporting roles in getting the GRAMM-LEACH-BILALY Act of 1999 passed (can anybody spel IRS awdit?).
4. In 2001, dear Robert Rubin gets caught trying to influence the bond rating agencies into raising the ratings of ENRONS DEBT. Gee, who is closely associated with Enron here follows. Just ask Wendy Gramm since I’m sure that she knows all the answers to that one.
5. Former Havaad Prof and part time vice Treasury Secretary Larry Summers (and his shadow corporations ) soon becomes very, vewy, veeewy RICH vewy strangely. The Harvard President who arose fresh from an under $190,000 a year under Secy Treasurer job for Clinton, helping destroy the American way of life to making tens of (I’m willing to that i’m conservative on this one) millions of dollars leaking inside information, granting favors and working for foreign billionaires. Nuff said. Makes me wish I was a dictator and Summers was my subject in a faraway banana Republic. Can U spel Firing Squad?
6. THE HARVARD CONSPIRACY: Robert Rubin, board member, Larry Summers, ex President, Martin Feldstein, Harvard Prof. got rich off AIG Derivatives, and a whole bunch more including President Obama, his wife Michele and how about that new Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagen ….Do ya think that she would be partial to all these Harvard crooks when the poop hits the fan and they are all indicted for fraud?
7. OBAMA hired Larry Summers as his “economic advisor” and Geithner from the FED as Treasury Secretary. Summers and Geithner ran amok dumping Trillions into bailouts. Dumping Billions to AIG, Citigroup, Bank of America, GE (a bank??) and many many others. Do you think with Summers sterling and squeeky clean reputation that he did it all for free? Geithner? HAH! What would you investigate them if you had these two fat rats by the ballz?
8. Here’s the way it has worked so far for Uncle Larry Summers (not Uncle Sam). He gets inside the government and does his dirties, spreading money and favors to huge rich companies. He resigns and then uses the cover of Harvard to collect on his favors while in the employ of the USA under the cover of Board memberships, various corporations, speaking engagements and consulting. And the thief goes on, and on and on…………..
9. President Obama and his cronies made GE a bank during the bailout and GE received many billions in TARP money and credit from the US Government. Now Obama announces that China will give the U.S. errr I mean GE over $50 Billion dollars worth of new business. Nice going Baarraaack, still looking out fer yer buddies!

And the STINK keeps getting stronger…..and I pray to God that these devils will eventually get their just desserts …..IN SPADES!!!

Suggest that we defeat Obama, admit our mistakes, indict them all for grand theft and high treason, reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 and BUST UP THE BIG BANK AND WALL STREET CONGLOMERATES into a lot of smaller companies along with massive fines and penalites for causing the GREAT RECESSION of 2007, STOP ALL THE FORECLOSURES and force the banks to accept suitable flexible modifications from any homeowner they hurt and affected by their heinous actions against the U.S. public. RIGHT IS MIGHT AND RIGHT ALWAYS WINS OVER GREED AND EVIL IN THE END …..NOW IS THE TIME FOR ACTION.

By Rick

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