1. POTUS Obama has been wrecking the USA for over 5 years, destroying it economically, socially, militarily and internationally.

2. POTUS thinks of himself as more of an emperor, dictator or king than a U.S. President subject to the constitutional law of the land. Obama was ready to order a missile strike on Syria without congressional approval and only deferred to congress when threats of potential impeachment arose.

3. None of our traditional strong allies have agreed to join us (such as in Iraq) in Obama’s proposed attack on Syria.

4. If a loyal group of U.S. dissidents formed an armed guerrilla rebellion to overthrow Obama do you think Obama would act any less violent than the Assad government in Syria (save the Sarin gas incident)?

5. If Russia, China or Europe supported the Congressional ideals of the U.S. rebels, do you think that any of them has the right to lob cruise missiles (surgical strikes) into Washington? THAT’s WHAT OBAMA IS PROPOSING AND TELEGRAPHING TO THE SYRIANS AND THEIR ALLIES.

6. IF Obama is allowed to strike and damage Syria, it would be a rallying call in the Arab world to declare war against the USA and it’s allies (Israel). The promise of boots on the ground is flimsy at best and a full out WW3 is VERY POSSIBLE.

So, what do we do? 1. Talk to the UN and our European Allies about an economic embargo against Syria 2. Any military action has to come directly from the UN. AND THAT…is the LIMIT of our involvement.

By Rick

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