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When approximately 50% of the people in the USA realized that their future fate is now in the hands of a socialist bent on aggressively redistributing their wealth, gun sales exploded across the country. In the debates when Mitt Romney was using energy industry deregulation for creating jobs, all President Obama had to do was to say “re-elect me and the demand for guns and ammunition will do the same thing”. In reality, President Obama, other than for political reasons, has recently stated to the press that he believes that we need to take common-sense measures that protect Second Amendment rights of Americans, while ensuring that those who should not have guns under existing law do not get them”. If President Obama sticks to this statement I can live with it, but if a liberal Senate and a liberal Supreme Court takes the anti-gun stand, we all better be prepared to hide our guns.

At the same time as President Obama was making his acceptable gun policy statement, the “Wicked Witch of the West”, Dianne Feinstein, was busy at work meeting with the ATF to discuss her proposed BRAINLESS BANS on semi automatic tactical weapons, ammunition and magazine limits. Sen. Feinstein’s recommendations would bring about a huge and dangerous black market for guns and ammunition, just as it did in prohibition times and with the sale of marijuana. Always available at a higher price and just another thing to send thousands of people to jail for.

You see folks, Ms Feinstein firmly believes that it’s the gun that kills and not the person shooting the gun. This is because of her unmitigated devotion to the San Francisco gay politician Harvey Milk who was gunned down by a former city servant who blamed Milk for his problems. Feinstein felt that Milk would still be alive if guns were not available (go figure). Most of us agree that Sen. Dianne Feinstein is wrong and that one look at that ugly woman’s face would make the average person run to their gun dealer for the biggest baddest gun they can find…..she be bad, she be soooo bad.

All kidding aside, the problem with mentally ill persons buying guns and ammunition is a much bigger problem and to stop it the FEINSTEIN WAY would be to totally ban and make gun ownership and ammunition illegal in the USA. Of course with approx. 500 million handguns or more now in private hands, you might have to create gigantic prison camps to house the tens of millions of new criminals. So HOW do we solve the problems created by undiagnosed people with BIPOLAR DISORDERS buying and owning guns? The horrific gun disasters in Arizona, Va Tech and Colorado all had one thing in common: Young men with undiagnosed bipolar disorders were allowed to buy guns and then reek havoc upon society. Do you think that Dianne Feinstein and the Brady Bunch could have stopped this tragedy? Certainly their are many other ways to kill people en masse if guns are not available (check you history books before guns). All sorts of ways to create bombs out of detergent, crossbows, knives, grenades, molotav cocktails, claymores , out of control automobiles etc. can be made by the crazies in absence of available guns. The reason the use guns is because it is easier and we all know that too, but again, it is not the method of killing, it is the killer with a mental problem. While nothing is 100% effective, the best way to solve this problem is to catch the problem at an early age, like when a teen applies for a driver’s license.

As a person nearing the age of 70, I am now aware of the need for more eyetests and medical tests that make sure that older persons are safe on the road. When a person of 16 years of age applies for a drivers license, they have to take a written test, a driving test and an eye test, but they can be a nutty as a fruitcake and still obtain a drivers license. There are many forms of mental illness but the most dangerous and misunderstood mental illness is BI POLAR DISORDER which can take many different forms in young people and get even worse over time if not treated medically. I’ve had two close encounters with bi-polar people and both were not good. One was a former employee who we thought only suffered from a hot temper (the road rage type guy). He would simply go off on the deep end, smash things, buy things he couldn’t afford and pick fights over little or nothing. Some of these flash encounters ended up with the police and some jail time, several family blowups and eventually job loss and divorce were the end result. He died unexpectedly at 45 years of age last week and while his death was mourned by his children, his memories carried mixed feelings by many friends and relatives who knew him well. The other was a son of a close friend of mine who flunked out of college but faked enrollment for a year or so before he smashed up his new Mercedes and the truth all came out. He moved in with his dad and was under the care of a psychiatrist. One day my friend came home and the son was sitting the dinner table set for four people with food and drink. His son was have a conversation with three EMPTY chairs. A month or so later the son went insane and began smashing things. Then he threatened to kill my friend and his girlfriend when they told him to calm down. They barricaded themselves in his bedroom while the son (who is a small guy) was out of his mind with anger and displayed the super strength of a wild animal while trying to break in the door. Police came and took him away. Now I know this past experience took some time to read and to digest BUT DO YOU THINK EITHER OF THESE PEOPLE SHOULD OWN A GUN? Both of these two young men suffered from serious bipolar disorder, the same mental disorder as the killers who caused the mass killings of Arizona, Colorado and Virginia.

What needs to be done is to introduce a STANDARD NATIONAL COMPETENCY TEST which would be designed to expose levels of mental instability and bipolar tendencies. Depending on the scores, a 16 year old applying for a drivers license would either pass the test and move on, but if all or part of the test resulted in failure, the remedies would range from taking anger management courses to visits with a state licensed psychiatrist. To buy a gun you have to have a driver’s license and this of course would keep a lot of potentially dangerous people away from guns which in my opinion is a much better way to control the problem before it gets worse.

“Our nation is reactive. We need to make a transition to being preventative. And I’m on talking about personal responsibility though most of the damn population is too busy or too lazy for that.”

By Rick

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