If anybody with any common sense lived in a besieged neighborhood such a Twin Lakes (400 police and 911 calls over a 3 mos period) and you as a member of a neighborhood watch team saw a 6 ft black male (not on the main sidewalk) walking between the backyards of the condos, you would think TM was a potential vandal/burglar. This had NOTHING to do with race. It had EVERYTHING about protecting his home, his neighbors and his loved ones. OK, I’ve said all along that Trayvon had a major chip on his shoulder. The reason Trayvon was in Sanford was because he was suspended from school (3rd time that year) for FIGHTING. He was quick to fight for any reason. DON’T BELIEVE ME? Well then WHY did Trayvon not go into his home and call the police himself. He was right next to his Dad’s fiance’s condo but chose to double back and confront Zimmerman. If that isn’t DAMNING EVIDENCE then God help us all.

REFERENCE: Please search YouTube: Actual raw cross examination of Rachel Jeantel 2/6 by AxiomAmnesia. This unedited video is a total of 1 hour and 14 minutes and the EVIDENCE I SPEAK of is BETWEEN 18 and 20 minutes of the total video and comes directly for Rachel Jeantel’s mouth (she was on the phone with Trayvon), Listen to this a few times. He was nearly at his Condos front door but chose confrontation rather that retreat. WHY Has this not been focused on?

By Rick

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